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One Punch Man: Road to Hero OVA

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  • skylark

    Any idea when will the subs be out?

    • OnePenisMan


      • skylark

        thanks man

  • me

    no subtitle?

    • OnePenisMan

      Out now

  • Lyla Mitsu

    Any File sub?

    • OnePenisMan

      Subbed now out

  • james

    Hmm im new and I wanted to ask What does ova means

    • OnePenisMan

      Original Video Animation. It’s like a side story.

  • DTG

    why cant i watch the fucking video the ads wont move out of the way

    • OnePenisMan

      Click “Start video”, if it doesn’t work try from incognito version of chrome to make sure it isn’t a cache problem.

  • Aduro

    I love this anime quite a bit. I find that it’s one of the few animes I can also watch the Intro of and actually not want to skip it.

    • AJ

      Same here. It’s just so epic, y’know? I gotta jam out to it every time.

  • Smitty Werbenjagermanjensen

    this was nice

  • val

    im portuguese, so i can understand spanish just fine.
    Git rekt other languages.

  • CheesyBen

    I feel sorry for those who doesn’t get the ‘hentai’ pun

    • fffffffffffffffff

      its not even a pun…..

      • Cheese

        It is a pun, Hentai in Japanese means Pervert.
        But it also means Transform(At least in Entomology).
        Complete Transformation=Complete Pervert

  • rairanaa

    hes bald hair made his costume awesome..

  • what is the title of the song in 20:32.?
    i cry everytime.

    • TAbsol

      I can’t find a specific name, but I’ve seen a bunch of people just call it the main theme.
      Here’s a link to a pretty good cover of it.

    • Barış Şahin

      “Hoshi yori Saki ni Mitsukete Ageru (星より先に見つけてあげる)” by Hiroko Moriguchi
      there you go

  • Everlasting Night Countess


  • sean zinyuku

    anyone know when or if a season 2 is coming out

    • Dr Leviathan

      April 2017